The Dashboard

Shows you exactly what you need to know, when you need to know it. How much tax you owe, and when you owe it.

This is in addition to your monthly performance indicators, all delivered in a easy to understand format.

Sole Trader Dashboard
Company or Partnership Dashboard


What Does the Dashboard Show Me?

Important Notices
These include overdue payments, plus any tax payment due within 30 days.

Live Tax Position
This is an estimate of your tax payable (to date). It’s calculated using a forecasting model based on your business’ financial performance, as well as taking into account tax you᾿ve already paid.

Business Performance
This shows you how much profit your business has generated, after expenses.

Tax Schedule
This gives you a full breakdown of the tax payments or tax refunds that are due and also lets you know when they are due.

Different Service = Different Dashboard

Your dashboard will be customised to match the service you choose and your business structure. It won’t show any unnecessary information.

Your account is password-protected, and our service is discreet and secure.

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